Studio and Acoustics

Acoustic Booths

A modular, easy assembly, sturdy and light weight acoustic booth, can be tailor made for client’s needs and specifications.

Main Usage:

Simultaneous translation – for companies working in the field with the need to move from place to place.

Recording studios – mobile acoustic recording booth that can be taken up or down easily.

Acoustic Frames

We create acoustic panels on demand. There are three main demands we differentiate in process of planning and creating acoustic panels:

  • Required acoustic characteristics – saturation, feedback, and wave diffraction levels. These characteristics are set by the material used, density, and geometric shape.
  • Design – no less important than acoustic characteristics, these panels have the need for esthetics easily achieved by fabric covers, decorative coats or even printing.
  • Easy and light stance – our experience shows that installing acoustic panels can be a nerve wrecking experience. We developed a durable hanging method, easy and light and won’t harm the walls.


Acoustic panels for recording studio


Custom made acoustic panel


Acoustic panels for living room/office