The entertainment business is actually the corner stone of the carrying cases industry, even the term for this kind of packaging is Road Cases. Our packaging variety, our high standard of durability and finishes are what brought us to this level of professionalism and experience. We are very happy to serve you and manufacture the best packaging and the best value for your money.

Sound equipment cases


Speaker cases


“Floating rack” case


Stands case


Digital mixing desk case (includes dog house)


Case for drum mic set


Cable case with retractable compartments


Esthetic cases are not a fantasy!
We create packages for all controller types. Over the years we developed a profound understanding of our costumers’ demands for perfection and esthetics, with every new client we learn to implement all of the DJ crowd demands and quirks. Our DJ cases are of the highest quality and practicality. In addition to the cases, we can create wiring solutions and a collapsible, compact laptop stand integrally connected to the packaging.
A wide selection of DJ controller cases and package s with a variety of extras:
  • The package body made of laminated wood or plastic.
  • Laptop stand
  • Standard wiring includes electrical outlet + 5 sockets, two master XLR L&R outputs.
  • Additional wiring include mic output, two RCA outputs and a monitor port

DJ Cases

dj-cases-01Controller packaging model DJP1000
Controller case with frontal access hatch


Controller packaging model DJP 1100
Controller case with exposed front


Controller packaging model DJP 2000
Controller case with exposed front, a blackforged case for a unique and esthetic finish.


Controller packaging model DJP 3000X
Exclusive edition case. A ground breaking design that redefines the standard of esthetics for DJ work spaces.
Case set for CDJ and DJ mixer
Lightweight Flight panel plastic cases, blackened and highly esthetic.


Musical instruments

There isn’t an instrument we can’t pack! From big timpani drums shipped around the world on tour to oddly shaped instruments with delicate parts and complicated shapes.


Guitar pedal board
Why settle for a limited, standard pedal board? We offer our customers the ability to take part in planning of the ultimate pedal board for you. We will create the perfect pedal board for you, combining perfect protection for your pedals with ease of use. Optional additions include wiring on the sides of the case, compartment with hatch for transformers, an extra level for effect pedals, wheels and other custom variations to fit your needs.


Guitar case


Multi effect casing
Plug and play ready, just pop the top off and connect.


Electric music control station casing
This case combines the sound card, control keyboard, sampler and laptop all mounted on detachable stands that connect to the chassis of the case. It allows for a comfortable and practical work space.


Wind instrument cases

The instruments fit in perfectly in the milled foam.


Timpani drum case
A case with a detachable base for easy access while unpacking the drum. We combine the use of harnesses in order to keep the drum from moving in transit, providing maximum protection.