Defense and Industry

We’ve been supplying casing solution for the department of defense for over 10 years, and have faced many different challenges and having to come up with creative, precise, efficient and durable solutions. We welcome these challenges we are driven by the pursuit of the optimal solution. Our experience and knowledgeable engineering department are waiting for you at our factory to patiently plan the optima l solution for your needs.

Our Services Include:

  • A completely computerized engineering department capable of highly accurate planning and imaging.
  • Material engineering department with much experience and knowledge in materials and product design.
  • A wide selection of the highest quality material from the leading brands in the world.
  • Innovation and originality in finding solutions.
  • High quality and repeatability.
  • Professional and courteous service.

Heavy duty aluminum casing for UAV parts

Heavy duty aluminum casing for cannon parts


Heavy duty aluminum casing for an engine


Optics system aluminum case


Blackened case for field operations

Our Customers In The Defense Industry