High Tech

Israel is considered a high tech superpower. Considering the size of our country, the amount of ideas and advances that start here is just amazing. We are proud and thrilled to do our part in supporting the industry by supplying packaging solutions that allow all that technology to arrive to their destination safely.

There are three core needs in the high tech world t hat we can identify

Compact packaging

The ability to combine optimal space usage, easy packing, unpacking and storing of the cases, and utmost safety for the components inside.

Highly sensitive components

The ability to supply optimal protection for the products in the case.

Package weight

In this field, most of the packages are created for international delivery. We are very much aware of how important the weight of the package is in these kinds of situations and we offer significantly light packaging solutions that can help bring the costs of international delivery down drastically.

Examples of packaging for the high tech industry


Aluminum casing with milled foam for tablets, battery and charger sets.


Aluminum cases with trolley handles sunken in the chassis


Mini terminal briefcase


Plastic box case with milled foam for electronic compartments


Flight panel box for a robot


Wooden case with milled foam for audio components

Clean room case
Integrated case with external and internal packaging. The outer layer is made of laminated wood, and the internal layer of flight panel plastic. Specifically designed for use in a clean room environment.